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Written by Dr. Karina Gobin on March 4, 2024

Xolair and Food Allergies

Dr. Gobin and Dr. Shah had the opportunity to go to an allergy conference this past weekend and some exciting news was shared!

Xolair, a medicine that we have been using for asthma, hives, and nasal polyps for many years, is now FDA approved for food allergies.

In a double blinded randomized controlled trial, patients with a peanut allergy and additional allergies (cashew, walnut, egg, milk, hazelnut, wheat) were given Xolair at two or four week intervals for 16-20 weeks. Thereafter, the ability to consume a single dose of 600 mg or more protein without dose limiting symptoms for peanuts and 1000 mg or more protein for cashew, walnut, egg, milk, hazelnut, and wheat was considered a success. The results varied for the different foods, but there was a significant reduction in IgE mediated reactions across the board.

Additional stages are still being completed including continuing oral immunotherapy with placebo and oral immunotherapy with Xolair. This data is expected to be available next year.

The FDA approved this medication on 2/16/2024 for the indication reduction of IgE mediated allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis) that may occur with accidental exposure to one or more foods in children 1 year and older and adults.

It is important to note this drug is not a cure. It is to mitigate a reaction if there was an accidental exposure to your noted allergen. Additionally, there were people that did not respond.

While this may not be the right option for every single person with food allergies, it is an exciting time in the allergy community. For more information or if you are interested in this for you or your child, please make an appointment. The decision to use this medication will be a thorough discussion between you and allergist.

Article written by Dr. Karina Gobin

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