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Written by Dr. Karina Gobin on October 6, 2023

Fall Allergies

Fall is finally here! While it may not feel like it right in the beginning, our transition into cooler weather is upon us. Fall is a beautiful time in the Midwest. From apple picking and pumpkin farms to the changing colors and Halloween fun, there are endless activities to engage in. 


As the crisp weather begins to creep in, many patients start feeling relief from their pollen allergy symptoms. Ragweed and weed start to dwindle, but mold spores are still present until our first frost. While mold is also present in the humid summer months, it continues to cause issues in the fallen leaf piles, spores within trees, and in the air. If you are allergic, you may consider wearing appropriate gear like a mask, gloves, or goggles or take medication prior if spending time outside cleaning or enjoying an outdoor activity. 

Halloween and Food Allergies:

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! However, now that I have a son with peanut, tree nut and sesame allergies - I find myself worrying about this day and the problems that may arise. We know what he can and cannot eat on a daily basis, but treats packaged for Halloween can be processed in different plants where allergens may be present. Being vigilant and checking all treats prior to eating is key. When in doubt, toss it out! If your school allows candy trading, talk to your child's teacher and your child before the actual date to ensure a smooth, fun day. Non food treat options are also a great way to include everyone. If your child has an allergy, consider carrying a teal colored pumpkin bucket to notify others they have an allergy. This is a wonderful way to mention it without being extremely vocal and potentially making your child feel uncomfortable. FARE (foodallergy.org) initiated The Teal Pumpkin Project. You can also put a teal pumpkin out with your decor to signify you have a non allergenic treat available for the trick or treaters that come by.

Article written by Dr. Karina Gobin

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