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Written by Rachna Shah on November 4, 2022

Support Mobile Care!

Dr. Shah has recently joined the board of a non profit called Mobile Care. Please consider donating any amount to provide children with limited access to excellent allergy and asthma care. We are participating in a fundraiser that will end on November 29th. Click here to donate!

Mobile Care Chicago helps kids with chronic conditions overcome access barriers to care by providing free, comprehensive treatment aboard mobile clinics. The award-winning organization was founded 23 years ago, when MCC's four founders noticed that many kids on the South and West sides were suffering from untreated asthma. This resulted in needless childhood fatalities, school absences, and low participation in physical activities. Meanwhile, their parents struggled to find affordable, quality care nearby.

Without a local specialist, a parent who might work multiple jobs and take care of multiple children, is faced with missing work and losing funds in order to get their child to a specialist on the other side of the city. Many rely on public transportation, so it can take an entire day (round trip) to access a specialist. Mobile Care clinics partner with schools, daycares, community centers and non-profits to bring specialty, comprehensive care directly to underserved neighborhoods in and around Chicago. On MCC's Asthma Van, patients aged 0-19 receive treatment for free at the comfort of their school, and parents are close enough to participate in their child's appointment. Parents can also virtually attend the appointment via telehealth, eliminating any transportation barriers.

For asthma patients who stay with the Asthma Van for one year or more, 95% will never go back to an ER for asthma. After successfully launching Asthma Vans into the community, MCC continues to grow its fleet, which now includes mobile clinics that provide: comprehensive dental care, immunizations and physicals, and harm reduction services. Help Mobile Care's clinics reach more patients who need free health services- donate to Miles for MCC today! 

Please click here to support this organization!

Article written by Rachna Shah

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