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Written by Rachna Shah on March 28, 2022

What is skin testing

Skin Testing Tray for Aeroallergens

Skin testing is an easy way to determine the allergy profile of a person. It helps answer the questions of why a person has symptoms of allergies and how to prevent the symptoms. Allergy skin testing is great for determining seasonal allergy triggers, pet allergies, dust mite allergies, food allergies, and allergies to bee and wasp stings. In our office, we perform allergy testing on babies, children, and adults if indicated. Allergy skin testing is using a small, toothpick like, device to place allergen on the skin. We perform the testing either on the back or on the arms. If a patient is allergic it stimulates a response that is similar to a mosquito bite. The testing is not painful and there is no bleeding, but if a patient is allergic the area can become itchy. It only takes 20 minutes to get the results of this test. The skin test is usually placed by a nurse and then evaluated by the doctor. The doctor reviews the results and discusses avoidance measures and treatment options with the patient. Skin testing is very accurate in predicting a true environmental allergy or bee sting allergy. The testing is not great in predicting a true food allergy (probably 50% true), but it is very good at ruling out a food allergy.

Article written by Rachna Shah

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