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Immune Deficiencies

Immunodeficiencies present with frequent infections that are difficult to treat. 
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ASAP Illinois Immune Deficiencies

Immunodeficiencies are problems in the immune system that prevent the body from fighting off infections the way that it should. 

What are Immune Deficiencies?

Primary immunodeficiency disorders — also called primary immune disorders or primary immunodeficiency — are problems with the body's ability to fight off infections. Our body's immune system should be able to create the tools to fight off infections. An immunodeficiency presents with the body not having enough tools or having tools that are not working well. 

How do I know I have Immune Deficiencies?

Signs and symptoms of primary immunodeficiency can include:
Frequent and recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, meningitis or skin infections
Inflammation and infection of internal organs
Blood disorders, such as low platelet counts or anemia

Why I should see an allergist for an immune deficiency?

If you or your child has had more than 2-3 infections in 1 year, then it is important to be evaluated for a problem with the immune system.  Early diagnosis and treatment of primary immune deficiencies can prevent infections that can cause long-term problems. An allergist is also trained extensively in diagnosing and treating problems with the immune system. 

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Dr. Rachna Shah and Dr. Karina Gobin are experts in the treatment of allergic disease in both children and adults. They are serving the Oak Park, River Forest, Melrose Park, Elk Grove Village, Schaumburg, Elmhurst, and Addison areas. Both practice cutting-edge, evidenced based medicine.
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